The Happiness Warrior by Dr Clare Hinsley




‘The Happiness Warrior’ describes the many barriers that Western Civilization has laid in our path to finding spiritual enlightenment. Discover these obstructions and how the senses perceive them within your own life. Once these blockages are understood, the path to Inner Peace can begin.
As conscious beings, the human race is born with natural abilities, many of which have become ignored in favour of external wants and desires. These abilities, which are used almost daily, can be exercised and expanded upon in order to maintain a level of Inner Peace and Happiness, in every situation that life brings.
Learn how to increase your vibration through building your own connection with Nature and a Higher Power. Utilising the examples of Buddha’s, Monks, Mystics, and Shamans allows one to find the very same connection, transitioning yourself into a purer, more instinctive way of living. This type of existence brings a deepening sense of Inner Peace that will awaken a new appreciation for life that you may have only dreamed was possible.

The Happiness Warrior – Book Reviews

“Reading the first paragraph I was suddenly interested very much to find out what the rest of the book would say to me. The knowledge that you give… is old knowledge. …its come from wise sources.” – Rev. Dr. Tony Mortley

“It’s an easy, informative read and I am amazed! …really starting to feel a difference in our lives. The book makes you think deeply and an awakening of your senses seems to begin.” – Jennifer

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