Glass in Engineering Science – Volume 1
by John Hemsley


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The main objective of this monograph is to draw together those disparate strands of glass science and technology associated with optical birefringence.  Throughout the text, a simplified approach has been adopted in presenting the salient features of what is often difficult subject matter, partly to encourage a wider readership. Theoretical and experimental results from many sources are presented, and copious references are given in full so that particular fields of enquiry can be pursued in greater depth where necessary.  In this connection, additional emphasis is given to the historical origins of the various scientific discoveries and technological innovations, which often tend to be overlooked.  Indeed, several examples of largely unknown publications have been identified and given deserved recognition herein.  To some degree, therefore, the present compendium is a celebration of the pioneering investigations carried out worldwide by numerous scientists and engineers over the past two centuries.

First published 2015, hardback, 687 pages, colour format (175 x250 mm)

ISBN 13-978-0-900682-74-2

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by John Hemsley”