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Riverside Publishing Solutions is located in the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of the Woodford Valley, near Salisbury in Wiltshire.

We offer a full project management service for academic and non-academic books and journals. With almost 80 years of combined experience in the typesetting and pre-press industry we have become very aware of what our customers consider important.

We can organise and oversee all areas of the pre-press production process on books and journals, from the receipt of an unedited manuscript right through to the final product for print, online and e-Book.


Our Philosophy



We believe it is very important to understand what our clients are trying to achieve and any constraints or considerations to be taken in account. This is why we listen very carefully to every requirement.



With almost 80 combined years of production, technical and editorial knowledge, we will advise on the best method to undertake the work needed to ensure everything is within budget and of high quality. We have access to many different resources, both in the UK and India, so can advise on how to best undertake your project and present a full proposal on request.



We understand the importance of deadlines, therefore we take schedules very seriously. By managing every project in-house we will ensure that all stages of any project are completed within the designated dates. We can also suggest and provide schedules for all work undertaken.

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Project Management

We understand the importance of deadlines and budgets so our project managers are dedicated to ensuring the production of your journals or books is handled in an efficient and professional manner.


In order to make it easier for publishers, besides their high level of knowledge, our managers are UK based, meaning you can discuss your projects and work by email or telephone without having to consider business culture differences or time zones.


Language is a powerful tool when used correctly, which is why we take editing very seriously. We know how copy-editing can essentially be the most important stage of any workflow and that a professional copy-edit will ensure that later stages will be much more efficient.


We are also very aware of the different levels of editing required across multiple projects and how important it is to present your content in the easiest possible way.


Riverside Publishing Solutions will ensure your content is correct, whether it just needs a basic style applied or a full language and sense edit. As well as our in-house editors/proofreaders, we have high-calibre freelance editors in the UK and teams of editors in India. There are many factors which drive the decision on editing which you can discuss with our project managers in the UK.


The fundamental skills of typesetting are often overlooked in this modern age of fast proofing. However, at Riverside we still believe a good typeset page is as important as it ever has been and is no problem to achieve.


With the development of page composition in India, Riverside are able to achieve good quality page composition through our close partners. Publishing systems include APP (3b2), LaTeX, InDesign and Quark. With all of the platforms available today, XML has become the main form of text markup which allows output to many different formats for use on web pages, tablets and mobile phones. This is why our XML first workflow ensures the content is correct throughout the process.


Despite the multitude of platforms available for content, we still feel the printed version should be of the highest quality, so every care is taken to ensure spacing, alignment and balancing of columns is in place; this is not so difficult to achieve and will make any product stand out from the rest. This doesn’t have to come at a high price either, because working with our select partners in India we can offer very competitive page rates.


Adobe explain typography very well in the below quote:


“TYPOGRAPHY IS ONE OF THE MOST VISIBLE and least acknowledged art forms in our culture. It gives form to language, and is as adept at expressing time-honoured traditions as it is at communicating current trends. Whether you’re designing an annual report for a conservative financial institution or a catalogue for
a snowboard manufacturer with attitude, you want your typography to support your document’s image. And you want to focus your efforts on making design decisions that enhance that image, not on thinking about your software.”


In reality we all know that a book is judged by its cover. Colour, typeface, images and layout indicate what the publication is about and it is almost an instant decision on whether we like it or not so it pays to get the look right. Everything from space above headings to leading and character spacing is considered by us when producing a great-looking publication.


If you have just written the next bestseller, let us help you achieve the best results for publishing your book and showing off your creation to its maximum potential.

Riverside Publishing Solutions offer book and manuscript copy-editing, typesetting, book page layout design, illustration, cover design and many other services to help you publish your book. Whether it’s a collection of photographs, a recipe book, a children’s story, poems, help book or your first novel, we have the expertise to help turn it into a professional publication and can provide Mobi, ePub and PDF files. For more information on the self-publishing process, read our article by clicking here.


Working in partnership with Jellyfish Solutions in Southampton, we can ensure you get the best print package at a competitive price. We understand the importance of precision. The best materials, the correct methods and the right price are what goes into the perfect print.

Archiving and Digitisation

Using the latest scanner technology, we are able to convert your archive material to the latest PDF version, with searchable text and the option to also generate XML and ebook formats.


The advantage with our UK office is that you can send us any journal or book material which needs scanning without incurring high courier costs. We can then scan this content to good quality PDF files, and if necessary, generate XML efficiently via our partners in India, giving an overall competitive digitisation package.


Scanning documents has become a necessity for all organisations to ensure every product can be accessed via the World Wide Web. In today’s publishing world, organisations are digitising the hard copy of their archived documents to save on the operational cost and infrastructure cost by reducing the difficulty of physical handling.


Digitisation can often result in pages which are not straight or text which is unclear, but by use of software we can ensure margins and page position remain as the original print and reproduce much like the original copy.


The Directors

Behind the scenes

Duncan Potter of Riverside Publishing Solutions

Duncan Potter

Managing Director

With an emphasis on operations and technology, Duncan has worked together with publishers and production suppliers since the late 1990s. As well as managing staff and customer accounts, Duncan was a key person in the setting up of a production office in Chennai, India and has a lot of experience liaising with operations outside of the UK. As well as being heavily involved in managing production projects, Duncan has also overseen many technical projects and developed many of his own including a complete pre-press management system. The ability to provide full solutions to customers comes from Duncan’s extensive technical knowledge, both relating to production processes and web development and he has initiated and overseen the introduction of many technical solutions for large publishers such as Taylor & Francis, Oxford University, The Royal Society and Cambridge University Press.

Paul Beaney of Riverside Publishing Solutions

Paul Beaney


Specialising in project management and customer service, Paul has worked in the industry since 1978, initially as an apprentice film compositor and then a keyboard operator with BAS Printers. In 1987 Paul moved to Santype International, who at the time were world leaders in mathematical typesetting. Paul worked at Santype for 17 years, firstly as a keyboard operator and then as a page makeup operator, before becoming assistant manager with some 30 staff. During his last 4 years at Santype and the time with Techset Composition, Paul worked as a Senior Account Manager, working with production units in India and liaising with customers in the UK, US and Europe such as Kluwer Academic, Cambridge University Press, CRC Press, AIAA, Wiley Books, Thieme, University of Toronto Press, International Press, Henry Stewart, Maney Publishing, Egerton, TSO and SPIEE.

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