About Us

Riverside Publishing Solutions was formed by three friends and colleagues, each of whom have a wealth of experience within the industry and share a passion to offer their clients the best possible service.

Specialising in high quality Academic, Science, Technological and Medical publications and with almost 20 years experience working with offshore production units.

We ourselves have a number of tried and tested offshore companies with whom we work, as well as UK companies, all working with multiple typesetting platforms such as 3B2, Indesign, Quark and Latex. Account and Project Management is the core of our business here at Riverside, we develop and work with our clients to form strong and successful relationships.

Duncan Potter

Managing Director

Duncan PotterWith an emphasis on operations and technology, Duncan has worked together with publishers and production suppliers since the late 1990's. As well as managing staff and customer accounts, Duncan was a key person in the setting up of a production office in Chennai, India and has a lot of experience liaising with operations outside of the UK. As well as being heavily involved in managing production projects, Duncan has also overseen many technical projects and developed many of his own including a complete pre-press management system.

Lee Hurst


Lee Hurst Lee joined Santype International Limited in 1988. He underwent a two year apprenticeship in print and typesetting. During this two year period he gained experience in every department; Dark room, copy editing, proofreading compositing and origination. Lee worked as an originator until 2000; gaining extensive knowledge of working with SGML, XML and HTML coding before progressing into account management, handling journals for The Royal Society of Chemistry and Lindsay Ross. In 2003 Lee joined Techset Composition Limited as a Senior Account Manager, managing all aspects of production with off-shore units in Chennai, India and liaising with customers in the UK and USA. From 2003 to 2013, Lee has handled the entire account management for Taylor & Francis, Maney Publishing, IWA Publishing and The Royal Society.

Paul Beaney


Paul BeaneySpecialising in account management, Project management and customer service, Paul has worked in the industry since 1978 serving initially as an apprentice film compositor and then a keyboard operator with BAS Printers, producers of high quality academic, fiction and non-fiction books. In 1987 Paul moved to Santype International, who at the time were world leaders in mathematical typesetting. Paul worked at Santype for 17 years, firstly as a keyboard operator and then as a VDU page make up operator, before becoming the assistant manager of this department managing some 30 staff. During his last 4 years at Santype and from 2004 until 2013 with Techset Composition Limited Paul worked as a Senior Account Manager, managing production with off-shore units in India and liaising with customers in the UK, US and Europe, in this capacity Paul has managed entire accounts, journals and books working with publishers such as Kluwer Academic, Cambridge University Press, CRC press, AIAA, Wiley Books, Thieme, University of Toronto Press, International Press, Henry Stewart, Maney Publishing, Egerton, TSO and SPIEE.